Reach your customers in the way that's easiest for them
You have a landline that your customers already know. Noncee SMS enables it for texting so that you can send and receive texts right from your computer! We make business texting faster, easier, and more profitable.
Retain and deepen customer relationships. From customer service to customer engagement, texting helps you build stronger relationships with your customers. Because Noncee SMS messages come from phone numbers unique to your business, customers will recognize your messages as non-spam. Let your customers get the answers they need when they need them.
Simplify your business processes. Noncee SMS makes your business workflows work. Got a team out in the field? Let them text in their findings to the office. Communicate with vendors using SMS right from your desktop. Or, lower billing delinquencies when you use Noncee SMS to check in with accounts before they go into delinquency.
Make hiring and HR a snap. Reach out to new prospects. Create engaging conversations and send reminders for interviews. Every hire you make costs you: use Noncee SMS to save money through prospect engagement to ease new hire processing and cut down on turnover.
So why use Noncee SMS instead of your mobile phone?
You can stop pulling your phone out of your pocket to text.
It's silly to squint at a tiny screen to read texts while you're sitting in front of a giant monitor all day! Noncee SMS desktop texting works natively on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and right in your web browser.
Personal phone numbers stay private, protecting employee weekends.
Because Noncee SMS lets you onboard existing work landlines (or brand new numbers), employees don't have to fear customers disturbing them over the weekend or after hours. Work/life balance is real!
You can keep centralized records of employee to customer conversations.
Using Noncee SMS gives you full visibility into the texts your employees send to your customers, securely storing texts for as long as you require. Rest easy knowing that data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
One of the ways we use SMS is as a new way to reach out to prospects and engage them in the hiring process. It's a good way to invite them to an interview or send them timing reminders. Thanks to Noncee SMS desktop texting, our managers can text prospects right from their desks without exposing personal mobile phones.
Pat Huesers Co-Founder at PAM's Auto
Sounds great! How do I get started?
  1. Add Noncee SMS to an existing Noncee Account by purchasing a new dedicated number or onboarding an existing business landline. Each phone number can map to only one Noncee Account, so you'll do this for each user you wish to grant SMS access to.
  2. Once complete, users can click the "Send SMS" option from within Noncee's main menu and plug in a phone number to text. A chat window will open.
  3. Start sending and receiving texts and images! Recipients will receive your texts right on their mobile devices and can reply to you as well. The people you text will have no idea you're using Noncee and can use their existing SMS app to chat with you.
Frequently asked questions
How is Noncee SMS business texting priced?
Noncee SMS business texting is priced independently of Noncee itself to give you maximum flexibility over which users gain access to SMS. Each line costs $4.99/month when paid annually, with texts available for purchase separately. If your business purchases more than one line, available texts are shared across all of your numbers. This way, your busier chatters can benefit from your less active chatters.
When I use Noncee SMS business texting to send a text, where does the text come from?
You have two choices when using Noncee SMS business texting. If you have an existing landline, you can port it into Noncee SMS business texting for direct use within Noncee. This means your texts will come from a number your customers already know! If you don't have a landline, we can also provision you a brand new number with a best effort made to match your geographical location.
Will onboarding my landline to Noncee SMS business texting impact voice calls?
Nope! Noncee SMS business texting takes over the SMS functionality for phone numbers that previously did not have SMS functionality, like landlines. We don't control the voice part, so you'll continue to be able to send and receive phone calls the same way you do today.
Can I use my existing mobile phone number with Noncee SMS business texting?
Unfortunately, no. Mobile numbers that already have texting capabilities are already being managed by your mobile provider and cannot be used within Noncee without breaking your ability to send and receive texts on your mobile phone itself, which wouldn't be good!
Can I send texts to groups of phone numbers?
Yes, subject to certain rate and anti-spam limitations and regulations. Noncee software natively supports the concept of blast messaging and phone numbers can be included in these blasts. We're also working on ways to import larger lists of phones via CSV files to make sending daily blasts even easier. Let us know if you'd like early access to a beta version of this feature!
Can incoming texts be received by a group of my employees?
No - at the moment, each employee using Noncee is assigned their own unique phone number (or a ported landline). We're working on a way to allow a group of employees to share a phone number for the purposes of incoming sales or technical support inquiries and will have more to announce as soon as it's ready! Feel free to drop us a line if you'd be interested in gaining early access to a beta version of this feature.