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Individual Free
1 user
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Free for everyone. Stay in touch with family and friends using a feature-packed messenger that respects user privacy.
Top features:
Free Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop clients
Optionally chat right in the web browser
Send messages, images, and files
1:1 audio calls
Chat with friends individually or in groups
Send fun emojis and share screen captures
Extend with third-party services like Olark and Jabber
Individual Pro
per month
1 user
For power users who want the best Noncee has to offer. All of the bells and whistles are unlocked for your chatting enjoyment.
Top features:
All of the features from Individual Free
Access chat history from any device
Nag-free messaging experience
Themes and accent colors
Know when your messages have been read
Send blast messages to multiple recipients
Increased device and storage limits
user / month
5 user minimum
For companies who want to leverage modern instant messaging without compromising on security or control.
Top features:
All of the features from Individual Pro
Centralized user administration
Control over employee contact lists
1:1 video calls
Screen sharing
Public, browseable group chats
Deploy user policies to lock down client features
RESTful API and chat bot support
Add-on options:
Noncee SMS
user / month
5 user minimum
For companies with strict regulatory requirements. On-prem server, data exports and retention, HIPAA, audit logs & more.
Top features:
All of the features from Business
Optional on-premises Noncee Server deployment
Enables HIPAA compliance
Advanced user device security policies and 2FA
Compliance exports with Global Relay support
Customizable data retention periods
Audit logging API for SIEM integration
Add-on options:
Noncee SMS
Premium Support
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Messaging and Presence
Noncee's OS-native applications are not just wrapped in web browsers. This means they integrate tightly with the host operating system and use minimal system resources.Native apps for Windows, Mac, Linux
Set yourself online, away, do not disturb, or even go invisible to temporarily hide from your contacts. Coupled with rich status message support, Noncee's presence features help ensure your contacts understand your availability at all times.Status indicator and message
Noncee group chats are many-to-many conversations that persist server-side, ensuring you can come and go as you please without missing messages.Persistent group chats
Search through your chat history using Noncee's dedicated chat history viewers.Chat history search
Didn't win the local spelling bee? Integrated spellcheck underlines misspelled words as you type to help you save face.Integrated spellcheck
Because Noncee federates at the server level - just like email - you can add people from other companies and networks directly to your contact list. For example, your business can use Noncee and still communicate to a vendor or partner who has a free account.External contacts
Never lose a message again and access conversations on any device with cloud-backed chat history.Cloud chat history
See when your messages have been read by the other party.Read receipts
Send one-to-many blast messages to large groups of contacts.Blast messages
Rich support for accent colors allow you to customize your copy of Noncee to best suit your mood.Themes and accent colors
Public group chats can be assigned names (e.g. #marketing) and are viewable by employees in a central group chat directory. They can also be configured to allow members to join and leave at any time.Public group chats
Configure Noncee clients to automatically send customizable chat disclaimers at the start of new conversations and again every hour or once per day.Chat disclaimers
Urgent messages break through muted windows and do not disturb states and trigger notifications on all devices regardless of idle state. They also continue to alert recipients every 2 minutes for up to 20 minutes until the message is read.Urgent messages
Video and Audio Calls
After the year we've all just had it's normal to be feeling a little exhausted showing your face. That's why Noncee Calls include an audio-only option that snaps neatly into the corner of your screen and stays out of your way. You can drag it around your desktop or even minimize it entirely, just like with video calls.1:1 audio calls
Thanks to the fact that Noncee isn't just another web browser app, we've been able to thoughtfully design a user interface that gets the job done and stays out of your way when you need it to. Drag your video call into a corner to snap it into place, go full screen, or minimize it entirely if you need to! Noncee Calls also support up to 720p resolution (when supported by bandwidth and hardware).1:1 video calls
With Noncee Calls, you can now easily turn on a screen share, including the ability to select a partial area of your screen to share or go full screen. Show your entire screen or just a window - it's up to you.Screen sharing
Image and File Sharing
Send files and images of any type.File transfers
Integrated screen capture functionality lets you quickly share a portion of your screen and send it as an image to your contacts.Screen captures
Noncee for iOS and Android allow you to record and send short voice clips during those times when typing is inconvenient.Voice clips
Old school file transfers. Connect directly to your contact's computer using NAT hole-punching magic and send files of any size to them directly.Peer-to-peer file transfers
For business environments where audit trails are essential, server-proxied file transfers first upload files centrally and then share a secure link to the other side.Server-proxied file transfers
Pop-up desktop notifications can be configured to appear when you receive a message, when contacts sign online, and more.Desktop notifications
Push notifications are supported across all mobile devices, even when using the on-premises Noncee Server.Mobile notifications
Configure alerts to play sounds when new message arrive.Sounds
Need a break? Change your status to do not disturb and Noncee will get out of your way, hide all notifications, and mute all sounds.Do not disturb
Need a break from just one person or group chat? Muting lets you silence alerts for particular chat windows only.Muting
When you mute a group chat, other users can get your attention by 'mentioning' you using @mentions. @mentions will break through muted windows and render with a special highlight color to let you know your attention is required.@mentions
Noncee SMS
Send and receive texts from a unique phnoe number that is not your regular mobile or office line.Virtual phone number
When using a virtual number, optionally forward phone calls received to your real number. Useful if you don't want to give your actual phone number to people you're communicating with for work purposes.Call forwarding
If you're using Noncee SMS to send blast messages as a part of your business processes, configure automatic replies so customers know you're not staffing the number.Automatic replies
Have a landline your customers already know? Enable it for texting so you stop missing customer inquiries.Onboard existing landlines
Business customers can optionally leverage Noncee's API to send text messages.API access
Administration and Control
Add and remove Noncee accounts for employees centrally. Disable accounts as employees leave, manage passwords, policies, and more.Multi-user management
Business customers gain access to centralized chat history with admin audit rights.Access company chat history
Search for co-workers by name, title, department, or phone.Inner-company user search
Administratively create organizational groups and assign membership. When your employees sign into Noncee, they'll see the subset of their co-workers that you want them to communicate with and noone else.Contact list control
Want to turn off file transfers? You can do this and more using Noncee's rich policy features.Disable client features
Disable employee access to Noncee's mobile clients, for example.Disable client platforms
Currently only available when using the on-premises Noncee Server product, optionally import users and attributes directly from AD or OpenLDAP.Active Directory integration
For enterprise customers with stricter security requirements, advanced device security lets you reject authentication attempts from insecure devices determined by various metrics. In addition, optionally enable two-factor authentication using RSA SecurID or Duo.Advanced device security
Noncee's rich RESTful API can be used for administration, sending messages, and more.API
Send messages from a special chat bot to provide realtime notifications to group chats and more.Chat bot
Leverage customizble slash commands so that employees can pull external information and bring it into Noncee.Slash commands
Customized text snippets let your users easily send canned replies without having to type them over and over again.Text snippets
Great for team building, define custom emojis that bring your group closer together.Custom emoji
Security and Compliance
All connections between Noncee clients and servers are encrypted with TLS 1.2+.Encryption in transit
All data stored in the Noncee cloud is encrypted at rest using whole-disk and file-level encryption.At-rest encryption
Double-down on security by deploying two-factor authentication for your company Noncee deployment using RSA SecurID or Duo.Two-factor authenticationGoogle AuthenticatorGoogle AuthenticatorDuo, RSA SecurIDDuo, RSA SecurID
Fine-grained audit logging tracks user actions for audit purposes and can be easily plugged into your favorite SIEM.Audit logging API
Optional Global Relay support will automatically send your company chat history to GR for archiving.Global Relay integration
Request compliance exports of company data in XML format.Compliance exports
For companies not interested in or unable to use cloud technology, Noncee Server can run behind the firewall and under your company's control.On-premises Noncee Server
Configure retention periods for messages and media, with per-group-chat overrides. For example, a particularly sensitive group chat might be configured to erase messages after 24 hours while the rest of the company holds data for 90 days.Custom retention periods
If you're a covered entity (as defined by HIPAA), signing up for our enterprise tier means you're also falling under Cerulean Studios' standard Business Associate Agreement as well.HIPAA BAA
All customers receive access to our self-service portal.Self-service resources
Paid customers receive email-based support during our regular business hours of 9am-5pm EST, excluding weekends and US public holidays.Online ticket creation
On an as-needed basis, our support engineers will escalate tickets for business customers to direct email exchanges or phone calls.Email and phone escalation
Enterprise customers are eligible for remote desktop support sessions for those times when email just isn't cutting it.Support via remote desktop, collaboration phone calls, health checks
Pre-sales engineers are made available to enterprise customers for assistance during trial deployment, topology discussions and considerations, etc.Installation and deployment advisory
The needs of our Premium Support customers take high priority when we're building future roadmaps, and we've been known to sneak features in for them to help ensure smooth sailing!Potential to influence product roadmap
Named contacts are made available to customers of Premium Support for easy access to technical support.Direct access to senior support team
24/7 support with a one hour first response time for L1 issues is available for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.Premium Support, including 24/7 coverage for L1 issues