Say it face-to-face with simple and secure video calling
Noncee Calls are the best way to communicate face-to-face with friends, family, and colleagues. Featuring 1:1 video calling and 4K screen sharing that's easy to use and end-to-end encrypted, what's not to love?
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Screenshot of a Noncee audio call
Feeling camera fatigue? We got you. After the year we've all just had it's normal to be feeling a little exhausted showing your face. That's why Noncee Calls include an audio-only option that snaps neatly into the corner of your screen and stays out of your way. You can drag it around your desktop or even minimize it entirely.
When words just get in the way, share your screen. Sometimes describing what you're seeing just won't cut it, which is why we've also included the ability to screen share during a call. You can choose to show your entire screen (4K resolution supported) or just a small, resizable rectangle - it's up to you!
Screenshot of the screensharing interface within Noncee Screenshot of the screensharing interface within Noncee
Screen sharing with Noncee Calls has been essential for our remote staff to stay connected, saving us tens of thousands of dollars previously spent on specialized collaboration tools.
Erik Devine Chief Security Officer at Riverside Healthcare
How does Noncee Calls help you and your organization succeed?
Easy to Use
Easy to Use
Noncee Calls are super simple to use for employees of all different technical skill levels. Simply click one of the two buttons on the top of the chat window to instantly launch a video or voice call from wherever you are.
We've worked hard to keep Noncee Calls as lightweight as possible by building most of it from scratch. Our focus is on keeping resources low, allowing you and your team to chat freely without worrying about resource hogging.
Transparent & All-Inclusive Pricing
Transparent & All-Inclusive Pricing
Noncee's pricing is all-inclusive, meaning all of our business customers get the power of 1:1 video calling and screen sharing without any additional fees or charges. Remote working is hard enough without worrying about add-on fees!
End-to-End Encrypted
End-to-End Encrypted
Noncee Calls utilize DTLS-SRTP to provide end-to-end encryption on all of your calls. This means that Cerulean can't see or hear the content of your calls. Your privacy is at the forefront of everything we do, including your private calls.
More to Come
More to Come
Noncee Calls are currently available for Windows, Android, and Web. Our implementation is also fully WebRTC compatible, allowing you to use Noncee Calls via your web or mobile browser. Mac and iOS are coming soon!
Frequently asked questions
When will multi-party video conferencing be available?
One-to-one video calling was our initial priority. When multi-party video conferencing comes online, we'll let all of our customers know.
Will Noncee Calls work for telehealth appointments?
Coming soon! We are currently working on Noncee Calls for Telehealth. This feature will be available as soon as it is ready. We are excited about offering our healthcare clients a new way to instantly communicate with their patients.
How do I use Noncee Calls?
You can use Noncee Calls by downloading the latest version of Noncee from our downloads page. It will add two new buttons in the upper right hand corner of the chat window - a video button and an audio button. Click one to start a call!
Will Noncee Calls be available on mobile devices?
Yes! Noncee Calls will be available on mobile devices soon. Our team is working very hard to ensure that this is done effectively and efficiently for you.